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Hip pain: symptoms and treatment

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Hip pain can make it difficult to move your joints. On this page, we’ll describe the various symptoms of hip pain, as well as the treatment options offered by Germering Orthopedics.

In most cases, hip pain is caused by osteoarthritis (wear and tear of the cartilage in the joints). As osteoarthritis in the hip joint gets worse, patients can experience increased pain and difficulty moving their hips. Don’t wait until this pain becomes excruciating.

Make an appointment at Germering Orthopedics today for an in-depth examination of your symptoms. We’ll help you quickly get back into the swing of things!

Groin pain

Groin pain is often one of the first signs of a problem with the hip. Groin pain can occur when changing positions, such as by getting up after sitting or walking after standing still. This pain often gets worse after longer periods of activity and makes rest necessary.

You may also experience limited mobility in your hips, which makes it difficult to get into a car or mount a bike.

Groin pain can be caused by anything from an impingement syndrome to severe osteoarthritis. The orthopedists and trauma surgeons at Germering Orthopedics draw from all the latest examination techniques to provide expert diagnoses and treatments that are specially tailored for your own particular needs.

Pain on the outside of the hip

Pain on the top and outside of the hip or thigh may be a sign of bursitis or calcifications on the greater trochanter of the hip. In some cases, the pain may also be originating from the spine.

At Germering Orthopedics, our job as orthopedists and trauma surgeons is to provide you with a precise diagnosis of your pain, as well as an appropriate course of treatment for relieving it.

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