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Back pain – various facets


GerMedicum – Germering Orthopedics specializes in the widespread problem of back pain in its various facets. Did you know that nearly every German has experienced back pain at least once in their life? Every year, nearly two thirds of all Germans suffer from back pain. Its causes are as varied as its symptoms. The pain can start suddenly, disappear on its own, radiate into the arms or legs or be associated with weakness. It can even trigger headaches or a feeling of numbness in the arms and legs. The person affected then wonders if it is something serious or just tension. Read here about the symptoms that are a sign of specific causes and how we can help you treat the problem.

Non-radiating pain

There can be various causes of non-radiating back pain. Often, it is triggered by muscle tension or blockage. But wear of the spinal discs or the small vertebral joints may be the cause too.

Usually, the problem can be treated with conservative treatment. However, surgery may be needed in rare cases.

Consult our experienced orthopedic specialists and trauma surgeons. Together with you, we will find the treatment that is optimal for you.

Pain that radiates to the arms or legs with or without numbness or weakness

This can be caused by stenosis of the spinal canal or nerve roots. A herniated disc or degenerative changes of the spine may be responsible for this. But often, the cause is irritation or blockage of the sacroiliac joint (SIG). Whether conservative or surgical treatment is required must be decided individually in each case.

Our orthopedic specialists and trauma surgeons in Germering will be happy to consult you about therapy that is optimal for your problem.

Neck pain radiating into the head

If you suffer from pain in the back of your head, there may be different causes of this, ranging from simple muscle tension to severe wear of the discs or herniated discs.

To offer you optimal treatment, our orthopedic specialists and trauma surgeons in Germering will conduct a detailed examination and introduce the appropriate diagnostic measures.

Sudden pains after falling or heavy lifting

Sudden back pain after a fall or heavy lifting can be a sign of a vertebral fracture caused by osteoporosis.

It can be treated by conservative or surgical treatment.
After a detailed diagnosis we, the orthopedic specialists and trauma surgeons in Germering, will introduce the treatment that is best for you.

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